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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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sheriff david clarke with me there, thank you. donald trump wrapping that event as you can see, it was a fund-raiser on long island without commenting on the charges against teammate lewandowski being dropped. charles payne is here with more.. >> breaking news, brand new "fox news poll" has donald trump surging to 18-point lead over ted cruz. also with record support for the republican nomination. donald trump now leads the pack at 45% followed by cruz at 27% and kasich at 25%. but hillary clinton losing her lead. the democrat race tightening, she's only two points ahead. 48% to bernie sanders at 46%. now, this of course, compares to 13-point lead she had one month ago. john kasich performs best in a head-to-head matchup against hillary.
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trump according to this poll loses to hillary 41% to 48% and 65% of voters say donald trump doesn't have the temperament to serve effectively as president. but 62% think hillary clinton does have the proper temperament. joining me darren shaw, tammy bruce and jessica tarlov. darren to you first, the last time the "fox news poll" came out it was shocking, showed the race so much tighter than other polls and feels like this is the biggest lead nationally for donald trump of all the polls recently. have you gone completely opposite. >> yeah, i'd like to say we're just the messenger, and i think that's true. i understand people are getting a little whiplash here. >> how did it happen? >> i was drilling down into the numbers earlier this afternoon, and look likes the main source of trump's surge has been actually cruz's loss of support to kasich. kasich up to 25% in the poll.
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if you look at second choice of kasich supporters cruz dominates trump. he's up 55-24 among kasich supporters, if you eliminate kasich and ask where they'd go. look likes what's happening is there's a little bit of lack of settlement on the republican side. those who are against trump where, do they go? and kasich is a more reasonable or attractive option.
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charles: i know bernie sanders has benefited from the kid glove treatment from the media. he has won 8 of the last 9. we talk about the trump train, but right now there is a bernie train. you talk about this poll, once again to tammy's point, it's the democratic party and hillary clinton taking this guy too lightly? >> absolutely not. if you watch what's gone on in new york, it's been like mayhem. hillary clinton is going everywhere. she brought out every base support she can. that's why you are seeing her lead in new york. it's 13 points plus. tammy made a brilliant point about how sanders has been treated with kid gloves.
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he showed he didn't know how to break up the banks. and his comments about israel where he said is rail killed 10,000 innocent palestinians and now he's being called having committed blood libel against israel. i think it's been taken seriously and he's hurting in new york. >> you are right about her ground game. those of us who do this for a living, we notice those things. the mass media didn't cover his screwup. those aren't becoming big national stories. generally he's not the player and he's not necessarily as interesting or dramatic. you have got to get tint mud to explain what he doesn't understand.
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charles: i look at these left-wing websites like salon. i have seen like these guys throwing hillary under the bus. >> michelle goldberg, the way she writes about hillary is scathing. i really don't feel that way and i think when you look at what's going on in new york and the big diverse population states, she is much more heavily favored. >> you walk the streets of new york. i have only been approached by two people for a candidate. two women work for hillary clinton. hillary has great operation. she learned things from 2008 and she doesn't want to lose it. 27,000 people for bernie sanders, extraordinary.
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it smacks so much with going over bernie sanders. it reminds me of barack obama. there was a time in the 2008 race where 75,000 people came out to see him. we forget how much of a rock star he became. bernie sanders has become a rock star as this thing has gone on. >> i think that's true. the interesting thing about the poll, you look under the numbers and the attributes people attribute -- double use of attribute -- the characteristics they attribute to bernie sanders, they say he is likeable and can get along with people. i don't think they know a lot. i think they are getting a general affect because of the positive media coverage. i was in austin and he gave a
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talk in the summer under 100 degree of weather andrew 12,000 people sphch while this is fascinating and if he had three then we could have a horse race. but not you way the rules are, he's so far behind. charles: does this stunned score the bedrock support he has? >> we have done a drilldown. one of the primary trait of trump supporters is their mistrust of experts. trump supporters don't trust people who are self-styled store credentials experts. the more they hear about this from people the more it convinces them people who are not like them are trying to tell them what to do. that% is now in the high 30s
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or 40s. charles: you don't want to miss the fox business new york primary coverage next tuesday, april 19. they will keep you updated as the results come in. there is a lot more nuance than that at 7:00 p.m. on fox business. the new york primary just 5 days away. will la la land propel cruz to the nomination? i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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five days away, but you wouldn't think about it with senator ted cruz's travel itinerary. he's been in pennsylvania. did he bail on new york too soon? and what does it say about his unconventional path to the nomination. we knew that the new york values thing would haunt ted cruz in new york. but it doesn't feel like he's given it any real attempt to win here. is that deliberate? >> look at it. new york is a solid blue state. and, you know, his comment about new york values, certainly was not aimed at republican voters in new york. my goodness. he's going to spend his time, i think where it's worthwhile. he knows it's an uphill battle in new york.
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i believe that he's going to do well. don't under estimate ted cruz. he's a texan like i am and a constitutional expert. he says what he means and means what he says. charles: he has done well where it's considered a legitimate rival to donald trump. perhaps this texan, this could be his alamo. new jersey he could lose. that's a winner-take-all state. that's two major chunks of voters he could be giving away to donald trump. >> like i say he's putting his resources where he needs to be putting them. i know this is an uphill battle for him. there will be hard-core cruz supporters up there, and i feel like -- i feel like he's going to do well. charles: let's talk about what he is doing well at.
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gathering delegates to greater frustration with a lot of voters, particularly with colorado. ted cruz didn't design the system but benefited greatly from it. it feels like the average voter who is not necessarily politically engaged, this kind of thing does resonate with that particular voter. >> i agree with that. his chief aown end in trump said the deck is stacked against him. but i would remind the folks out there that these rules were set a year or two years ago. everybody has to abide by the that and i believe he's got a great disciplined ground game and a disciplined campaign which we have seen. don't under estimate him. charles: he's been impressive
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with the way he played the game as far as the delegate race is concerned. he is writing the art of the deal. are you willing to support any nominee if it's not ted cruz, particularly donald trump? >> absolutely yes. i will support the republican nominee. the contrast between the two parties has never been more great. we have a lady with an fire investigation going on and the other is an avowed socialist. mr. trump, cruz and kasich are a thousandpeoff -- a thousand percent better. charles: congratulations on your latest grandchild to lief and
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jenna lee. >> i'm proud of that new little girl. charles: the trump team held a meeting in washington, d.c. today. this as reports that karl rove all people could be making overtures. more and the assault on capitalism. a group pushing free college tuition for all says hillary clinton is not her type of politician. >> you are into this because politicians have forgotten these caused. you include hillary clinton in that group. why? >> i think hillary clinton is the perfect representation of what corporate politicians stand for. she is a candidate of walmart, wall street and war. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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charles: a brand-new fox news poll showing donald trump expanding his lead in the gop primary to 45% of the voters. speculation is beginning to swirl that trump and the establishment are moving or inching toward each other. joining me is tammy bruce and mark serrano and michael goodwin. karl rove it was said was making overtures all along. >> i think karl rove is looking for all the tapes where he said no, not ever trump. i think he's moving from dreading to hedging and it's one step short of pledge. but what donald trump is doing, he's on a roll. he will do incredibly well in
6:22 pm
new york and the several primary after that. think is the courtship, it's begun finally, a long time overdue between donald trump who could be the nominee and the establishment will have to kind of gut check, rally behind them if that's what it take and try to bring them up. charles: do you agree with that? >> my suggestion would be do not trust the establishment no matter what. they will use you to achieve their own power objectives. karl roves organization is a money mill for the establishment. if it look like he's warming up to donald trump, i think it's only to reassure donors that their money is well placed with karl rove and his organization. to reassure them no matter hot republican nominee is, their money is safe with american crossroad that will go toward
6:23 pm
house and senate races. that group raised $320 million in 2012 to support establishment loyal republican candidates. nobody from the far right, they are strictly a money mill for the establishment. i do not trust that. i wouldn't believe trump will cozy up to them anytime soon. charles: despite the track record, whether it's karl rove's group. democrats are licking their chops and well-known pollsters are starting to say some of these thing are slipping to the blue column. >> you have got such a massive dynamic of new people coming out. when they come back to vote for the gop nominee in november, niece are votes about the economy and jobs. you won't be suddenly confused
6:24 pm
about who is going to save this country. it's been in the hand of the democrats for 8 years and it's a disaster. karl rove had a 1% success rate with his money in 2012. i agree with mark. i would say this to in trump and mr. trust. it's to get the supporters a little wobbly and comfortable. they have to have those pen divided. they don't imagine mr. trump or crew at the head of this ticket. every single thing the establishment says leading up to the convention is meant to magically they are going to trick people. it's not going to work. the lower ballot races are going to benefit from the surge enthusiasm. millions of more voters and reagan democrats coming home. >> they don't need to continue to stoke discontent among the
6:25 pm
new voters. charles: i'll put tammy down as no olive branch. two russian warplanes make self passes over the slick of a u.s. ship. and north korea is testing more powerful missiles. nobody is afraid of america. we'll discuss when we come back. . so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause)
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charles: we have breaking news. we have donald trump heading to the gop new york statedder. massive crowd of of protesters gathering outside grand central station where our own peter barnes is live with the latest. peter? reporter: john kasich and ted cruz will be here as well. the protest organizers promised thousands would be here to protest the gop dinner, a lot of them anti-trump people. they are easily 2,000 to 3,000. right now they are up here on the corner of park and 42nd street across from the grand hyatt hotel where this dinner is taking place. these are some members of black
6:30 pm
lives matter, some latino groups. i have seen a lot of student and union members and others. the police have mobilized to make sure no one here gets hurt. everybody who has something to say, all the protesters can do their thing, and all the dinner participant and politicians and donors can get into the hotel and enjoy their dinner and have their part across the street from this. but a very large police presence and more and more protesters converging on the area. charles: i see a lot of signs, they all look the same, they look organized. who are these people that are protesting? >> well, you are right, they are very organized, to the point that a p.r. person for one of the latin oh groups came to me and other reporters who were on
6:31 pm
the scene and gave me his press release with a list of about a dozen of the organizations participating. make no mistake about it. this is very organized. i have been at some of these event and there are plenty of bernie sanders protesters who have come out. but these are very organized efforts and somebody gets to a room or printing company, make the signs. make the flags and gets everybody out here. they are doing a lot of this through social media. there are twitter accounts and facebook accounts that give -- that they use to communicate and tell everybody where to converge and what the locations are. and the times and places. charles: it got violent where rick leventhal was.
6:32 pm
that was the sound of russian fighter jets swooping over the deck of a u.s. navy ship in the baltic sea. several warplanes made self passes over the u.s.s. donald cook. it's being called a most dangerous summer. it wasn't just that maneuver that was a simulated attack pass. a new fox news poll shows hillary clinton is trusted more than any other candidate to negotiate with vladimir putin. general scales, i would like to cake just this and the belligerence we see out of north korea. and the man made islands i would call militarized by china in the
6:33 pm
south china sea. >> you are exactly right. we have an administration that quite literally doesn't push back. they view oftentimes the use of american military power is not necessarily in our national interest. as far as putin is concerned, this is putin being putin. vladimir putin has two objectives. domestically it's to maintain his popularity at home, not necessarily the prosperity of the russian people. and overseas is to split nato. there is no more perfect place on the planet to achieve both end and to do an idiotic demonstration in the baltic. it strike at nato and the russian domestic audience at home is cheering him. charles: vladimir putin had a live event overnight, millions open town hall. they say the new leader of
6:34 pm
china, the strongest since mao. and the leader of north korea is a nut, but he's completely in control. the more they show the antagonistic nature to america there is something deeper going on. >> it many the overall weakness of the united states. it's being said there is opportunity and chaos. as this administration has walked away from allies and encouraged. putin is seizing on opportunities as is north korea. they are about to test a ballistic missile that could reach guam. and china, they are out dredging up sand, dumping it on coral reefs and laying down asphalt
6:35 pm
runways. and one of the coral reefs is 140 miles away from the capital of the philippines. they are on the march and we are just sitting there self-absorbed in our own election process. charles: i recall a high-ranking member of the philippine government asking japan to rearm themselves. before i let you gentlemen go, the public thinks hillary clinton according to the polls, will be the better commander-in-chief. do you agree, general scales? >> i don't know. i will say this for senator clinton. she is much more of a hawk when it comes to international relations than virtually any other democrat i know. certainly she is far more aggressive in the international community than barack obama is, and good lord much more so than bernie sanders. and she has experience dealing
6:36 pm
in the international community. i would say this, of all the candidates on the democratic side, the one most likely to turn this around quite frankly would be senator clinton. charles: i guess almost anyone would be more of a threat than president obama. thousands of protesters gathering outside grand central station to protest a gop dinner where all three remaining gop asked will be attending. thousands are out there. we saw violence last night. how bad will this get?32 we'll discuss it when we come back. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing you is how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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charles: breaking news. thousands of protesters are gathering outside grand central station. they are protesting a new york gop dinner that all three presidential candidates remaining on the republican side are scheduled to attend. guys, listen, we saw it last night in pennsylvania where it got a little rough. one of the protesters got into a scuffle with a police officer. we know new york city. these are live scenes of what's happening right now midtown manhattan. these are taped scenes. but this is what i'm talking about. new york city has been the scene many protests. they get more organized. they use social media, the crowds are large and they
6:41 pm
typically become very disruptive. >> i hope it won't turn into what chicago turned into. i wouldn't fully blame the left. novemberomoveon has done this b. we don't know who these people are. we are not going to take the whole blame here. charles: we have seen for the most part these are union in involved folks or bernie sanders supporters. >> as long as hillary is clean we are good. it wouldn't surprise me if there were bernie sanders supporters here. he had a huge gathering in washington square park. but a lot of people are angry about donald trump that don't have a candidate. they are just using this opportunity to vent their anger and frustration.
6:42 pm
new york is very diverse and donald trump offends a lot of people across the board in the diversity sector. >> what's their role? a lot of people feel bernie sanders has sway over the protesters. they have been very organized and protesters have emerged. they have let them out and it's been relatively peaceful. what is the role of the candidates. >> to dial down the rhetoric. charles: bernie sanders wouldn't admit any of this supporters are part of this. >> i agree with kirsten, i'm not so sure they are. it's not like he's asking people to get tough and smack back. his speeches don't tend to be inciting violence. protests are fine. and i have faith in the new york
6:43 pm
p.d. that they will be able to handle this. they handled similar protests very, very well. there is the right to protest and the anger you want to express and get into someone's face. >> i would also ad, there is also -- i would also add, there is also anger against ted cruz. he talked about wanting to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods. and bratton came out and said he was invoking the post-9/11 policy without knowing what was talking about. charles: what genius told him let's kick off your campaign in the bronx. never heard of the bronx cheer. pushing for free college tuition has become in my mind part and parcel of the 2016 election.
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>> the government is still in the position. running in the red. so how do we get back to the things you think are important? >> i shouldn't have to answer the question how to handle the deficit that the government created. i'm not a government official. i wasn't elected into office to solve these problems. i'm a tax-paying citizen in a system unable to provide it regardless of what airport is. this system of capitalism has
6:48 pm
shown itself illegitimate and it cannot provide basic things like education and healthcare. charles: she is the organizer of the million student march. they are pushing for free college tuition. this is part and parcel of the 2016 election, the revolt against capitalism and the grievedy establishment. charles: she contradicted herself several times there. but this is a movement sweeping across the nation where people feel corporations are too greedy and the government should do more. >> these kids are encouraged by the president of the united states to borrow huge amounts of money to go to college so they will have a future. right now wee already have too many in college, more than the economy can absorb and 40% don't
6:49 pm
learn anything in college anyway. the woman you saw there is a mcdonald's candidate because she is so poorly spoken. the economy isn't functioning because of all this socialism in the first place. charles: so i guess the answer is more socialism. take a $17 job and make it a $15 job. that's what they are arguing for. >> i understand their anger but their solution couldn't be more wrong head. one of the reasons america is the nation it is. american universities were stepping stones where innovation and hustle could improve their lives. it's time for to us end that nonsense as taxpayers, parents and americans. charles: here we are on the cusp
6:50 pm
of nominating a socialist for the democratic party. bernie sanders sheas overwhelming popularity with young people. we cannot say it's not real thing happening here, peter. >> look at american university presidents. they think it kind of things coming out of the mouths of bernie sanders and hillary clinton are long overdue. they are for all kind of movements that are -- that are seditious after black lives matter. i can remember my president encouraging my students in baltimore to protest in the streets. you don't get an education that way and you don't solve the problems of society or the prescient problems these students face of getting an education and getting a job. our universities are producing what you just saw, people who can chant slogans.
6:51 pm
charles: i don't think we are producing high school graduates who have the wherewithal to become good college student to begin with. >> how got free market and school choice. let's let the free market work. i would argue americans were far better educated before the federal government got involved in education. let's try returning to that because we know the status ohio ohio question isn't working -- the status quo isn't working. charles: thousands of protesters are gathering outside grand central station. all three gop presidential candidates will be there. we'll go live to the scene next.
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charles: thousands of protesters are gathering outside the grand hyatt.
6:55 pm
they are protesting a gop dinner. all three gop presidential candidate are scheduled to be there. reporter: there are more and more protesters showing up here. they are coming further our way and behind our camera are protesters who have been coming up lexington avenue along 42nd street between lexington and park avenues across from the grand hyatt hotel. and there are some on the other side of the overpass that you can see in the shot as well. the protest crowd is definitely getting bigger, and they are planning to be here as we understand it probably through this dinner which is expected to go until probably 9:00 or so. these crowd could get bigger as the night goes on. charles: senator bernie sanders
6:56 pm
is feeling the bern for remark made by a campaign surrogate at a rally in new york last night. take a listen. >> if we continue to elect corporate democratic whores who are beholding to big corporate instead of us. charles: hello. that was clinton's communications director urging sanders to disavow this. sanders did go to twitter and . charles: there's no room for language like that in our political discourse. jessica, i got to tell you, we've been hearing it -- this is your man, listen, they're going out for bernie. >> he's not my man. charles: what happened to the political discourse? is this a sign that the democratic part of the race is just as ugly as some of the things we've seen.
6:57 pm
>> i don't think it will get just as ugly, i felt a decided shift in the tone of this campaign in the last month or so. and i don't want to pen blame on either one of the candidates' supporters. as momentum has been gang or the perceived momentum for bernie sanders that the bernie or bust mentality has gotten more aggressive. people saying they're not going to come out for hillary if she is the nominee. that kind of language and the sentiment especially when bernie sanders is new tock a democrat. doesn't fund raise downballot. it would be appalling. charles: if this were donald trump, it would be on the front page of any newspaper on the planet. is this a double standard? you didn't hear a lot from bernie sanders. >> it is trending on twitter, that's for sure. i was really shocked. this is something you hear at a trump rally, not at a bernie sanders event. charles: to be fair, i never heard that kind of language. >> not from, well, not from
6:58 pm
donald trump himself, maybe, from a lot of his supporters. >> ted cruz was called the "p" word, he repeated it. >> we're talking about his supporters. charles: he goes out and he says, in is to me -- >> totally uncalled for. >> i'm appalled and i'm happy that i'm voting republican. i can't be part of this stuff. all i can say is watching hillary yesterday suck up to the criminal sharpton, anything sharpton wanted to hear, yeah, the black 50% more unemployment. this, that, crime and all the crime, they're being arrested in huge amounts. yeah, but who's committing the crime? if i'm committing the crime, you're going to get arrested. all i can say, hillary, you've been there, eight years, your administration has been there eight years and gone that way. we want another four years? i don't think so. what we need is trump to calm the takedown.
6:59 pm
charles: heather, corey lewandowski, the florida prosecutor is not proceeding with that. good news for the trump campaign, and in the meantime, i think this is ugly not only for bernie sanders but the democrats in general. >> i agree. who are the surrogates and choosing the surrogates and everyone's surrogate misspeaks all the time. madeleine albright said something. >> and gloria steinem. >> and bill clinton is sometimes not always the best. charles: what he said, i'm not sure that was -- listen, disavows on twitter, i'm not sure that would be accepted by the republican candidate. >> bernie sanders will say something about it. i don't think he stands behind that kind of language. however, it just shows the level of vitriol on both sides when it comes to these issues, the fact that hillary is a woman. they're going to play off of that and jessica is right, it's going to get worse as they get closer and closer. charles: someone on the show talked about pretty high unfavorables. that cancels that particular metric out.
7:00 pm
>> yeah, but i think it's time for trump to come around. came around with megyn, time to turn around with the hispanic vote. there is a chance for my candidate to win as president. charles: let's leave it there. you are all fantastic. guess who else is fantastic? tom sullivan. he's next. >> and good evening, everybody. i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs this evening. all the presidential candidates are in new york tonight. five days before the state's critical primary. the republicans attending a black tie fund-raiser for new york's republican party. this gala event marks the first time that trump, cruz and kasich altogether since they decided to abandoned so-called loyalty pledge of support whoever becomes the party nominee. as for the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are holding their first debate in more than a month, and hillary may be feeling the bern. the vermont senator's campaign says he drew a record crowd of


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